02.APR.2022 - 28.MAY.2023
The Lovers #2

This gigantic monument The Lovers #2 lent its title to the exhibition Urs Fischer: Lovers and symbolizes the universality of that mysterious feeling on which humankind is supposedly based. Both massive and luxurious, the sculpture takes on a sublime organic dimension through the two shapeless forms, one on top of each other. Love is something that allows two individuals to help and support each other. In love, the weight of the other is never too much. Love is also a precious, intangible material, represented here in the form of the gilded surface of one of the shapes.

Clearly a selfie magnet, The Lovers #2 enhances the sheer austere beauty of the museum architecture, opening a dialogue between the power of primordial shapes and forces, and the endless desire of human beings to rationalize them and control them. The Lovers #2 is foremost the celebration of emotional expression which is at the core in all its many manifestations of any work of art.

  • Fischer, Urs
Foto: Stefan Altenburger Photography Zurich © Urs Fischer