How do I buy tickets to visit the exhibition?
The entrance to the exhibition is only with assigned schedule. The Museo Jumex offers two options:
1.Buying the ticket online
2.Buying the ticket at the ticket office

How much is the ticket at the ticket office?
General admission (Galleries 3, 2 and -1):
General admission / $50 pesos
Mexican citizens / $30 pesos
Sunday / Free admission
Free entrance for children under 15 years old / Students and teachers* / Senior citizens*.
*With valid ID

Installation Ganzfeld (Gallery 1) + General admission (includes entrance to Galleries 3, 2 and -1): $100 pesos

How much is an on-line ticket?
Ganzfeld + General Admission: $100 pesos
Reservations must be made at least one day in advance.
Buy ticket online

What is the benefit of buying the ticket online?
It is recommended to purchase the ticket online if you wish to guarantee your access to the exhibition and Ganzfeld installation at a certain time.

I have a problem with the online ticket. Who can I contact?
Send an email to so we can help you with any ticketing issues.

Can I purchase tickets to visit Ganzfeld at the ticket office?
Yes, same-day tickets may be purchased at the ticket office, subject to availability.

Are there guided tours?
Due to the nature of the exhibition, there are no guided tours; but the Education Department staff is inside galleries for answering your questions or comments.


Is the museum accessible to people with disabilities?
Yes, the museum has ramps and elevators for easy access for people with disabilities. We also have a limited number of wheelchairs. The service is free and can be requested at the museum entrance.
Access is free for people with disabilities.


What will I see at the exhibition?
Light installations from James Turrell’s most important series, including Amesha Spentas from the Ganzfeld series. These works are accompanied by two-dimensional models and works that complement the installations.
Read more here.

How long does it take to see the exhibition?
The tour takes approximately 45 minutes, without taking into account the waiting time to access some of the facilities.


Is the exhibition suitable for children?
Yes, however children under the age of 6 will not be able to access the installation Ganzfeld.

Is it possible to access the galleries with strollers?
Yes, except in Gallery 1.


Are photographs allowed in the exhibition?
At artist’s request, photography is prohibited within the exhibition.


Can I touch the works?
No, you cannot touch the works. Please, not exceed the gray line on the floor.

Why is there a limit on the number of people in galleries?
To guarantee the experience and safety of our visitors, as well as the conservation of the works.


I am a member of Amigos del Museo Jumex. How do I visit the exhibition?
Amigos del Museo Jumex with Individual, Individual+, Family, Patron or Benefactor Membership will have priority access. To reserve your access to the exhibition, send an email to indicating the date and time you would like to attend. Reservations must be made at least one day in advance and during office hours.

How can I become a member of Amigos del Museo Jumex?
Directly at the museum store or visit the Membership section on our website.

We invite you to consult the VISITOR GUIDELINES section for more information.