Where do I buy tickets for the exhibition?
Museo Jumex offers two options:
1.Buy a ticket at the ticket office
2.Buy a ticket online

How much do tickets cost at the ticket office?
Last days of the exhibit September 21-29 2019, Free entrance

How much do tickets cost online?
Immediate admission: $200 MXN
Immediate admission + guided visit*: $250 MXN
*In Spanish only. Please contact the Education Department for any question.

Buy online tickets

What is the advantage of buying the tickets online?
We recommend it if you want to guarantee immediate admission to the museum.

The number of people in line and waiting to enter the museum is variable, and tickets are not refundable.

Children under 7 years and senior citizens do not need to get buy an online ticket, they can enter the museum directly.

I have a problem with online tickets. Who can I contact?
Please write to so that we can help you with any problem you might have.

Can I buy immediate admission tickets at the ticket office?
Yes, you can buy the tickets the same day for a 6PM visit, or for the following day at any time.

Are there guided visits?
Yes. For more information click here.

Does the museum have access for visitors with disabilities?
Yes. The museum has ramps and elevators for visitors with disabilities to have easy access to it. We also have a limited number of wheelchairs. The service is free and can be requested at the museum entrance.

Admission is free for visitors with disabilities.

Can I visit the exhibition with a school group?
Yes. For more information click here.

What will I see in the exhibition?
The exhibition holds more than eighty pieces by Marcel Duchamp and Jeff Koons. For more information click here.

How long does the exhibition take to visit?
The walkthrough is approximately 1 hour long. You can stay maximum 30 minutes per gallery.

Is the exhibition suitable for children?
Yes. However, some artworks in Gallery 3 contain explicit images. Discretion is recommended.

Can strollers be used in the galleries?

Can photos be taken in the exhibition?
Yes. Only for personal use, not commercial.* Flash, tripods and selfie sticks are not allowed.

To request special permission to take photographs, please contact the Communication department.

*The commercial use or reproduction of any image without express permission from the copyright holder is not allowed. You are responsible for guaranteeing that your photographs do not constitute in any copyright infringement.

May I touch the artworks?
For conservation purposes, it is important not to touch them. Similarly, we kindly ask you not to step over the gray line or step on the base of artworks.

Why is there a limited number of people allowed in a room?
In order to ensure the safety of our visitors and the conservation of the pieces.

Why is admission not allowed with food and beverages?
To ensure the conservation of the pieces.

Are we allowed to take/make calls with our cell phones?
No telephone calls can be taken/made in the galleries.

I am a Friend of Museo Jumex. How can I visit the exhibition?
Friends of Museo Jumex with Individual+, Family, Patron or Benefactor Memberships will have priority access. Show your valid membership at the museum entrance. You can visit it as many times as you like.

*Friends of Museo Jumex with Individual Memberships will not have priority access.

How can I become a Friend of Museo Jumex?
Go directly to the museum shop or click on the Membership section in our website.

For more information, please go to the VISITOR GUIDELINES section.