The next Museum Night at Museo Jumex will extend its closing time and offer free admission, conversations in the galleries showing the Appearance Stripped Bare exhibition, and an interpretation of Marcel Duchamp’s piece Erratum Musical by Finnish guitarist Topias Tiheäsalo.

Conversations in galleries: 6PM – 9PM

The Education Team will offer conversations around the exhibition sections.

Musical interpretation: 7PM, Terrace floor 1

In 1913, Duchamp wrote a vocal piece in three parts, titled Erratum Musical, his first musical composition. He based it completely on fate. He asked his sisters to take pieces of paper out of a hat. Every piece of paper had a musical note written on it, which Duchamp then added to his score, one by one, until the piece was completed. Topias Tiheäsalo will give a guitar interpretation of this composition. Given that the title of the original piece could be translated to “Musical Error/Mistake,” Tiheäsalo starts from his mistakes when playing the original piece, to then give his own interpretation.

Topias Tiheäsalo (1978) is a guitarist born on Finland. He currently splits his time among different types of experimental music going from free jazz and improvisation, to Baroque music and sound art. He often plays musical scores live for silent films. His most recent collaboration was with Finnish musician and composer Lau Nau; and writing the film score for Bayoneta (Mexico/Finland 2018) by Kyzza Terrazas, which was nominated for an Ariel Award.

Tiheäsalo is member of Himera, an association based in the Finnish city of Turku that organizes concerts and festivals. He has also created specialized music programs for radio like YLE Radio 1.


Musical interpretation coordinated by Eric Namour

This event is part of the program Noche de Museos by Secretaría de Cultura de la Ciudad de México.