In this course the participants will study five different definitions of conceptual art that have been developed by academics and artists through time: an exercise, in itself conceptual, that will allow the participants to develop their own conclusions.

Conceptual art stands out for its notorious lack of stylistic cohesion: the works of this movement can quietly go from a painting that represents nothing other than the date of the day it was painted, an immense spiral of stones arranged on a lake to a building divided in half. It is not, therefore, an easy task to group this series of heterogeneous practices.

With María Minera

María Minera (Mexico City, 1973). She is an art critic, and independent researcher. Since 1998 she has published a numerous reviews and essays in many cultural magazines and media, such as El País, Letras Libres, La Tempestad, Código, Otra Parte and Saber Ver. She has written too for the following publications: Drawing: The Bottom Line (S.M.A.K, 2015); Damián Ortega: Casino (Mousse Publishing, 2015); Contemporary Art Mexico (TransGlobe Publishing, 2014); En esto ver aquello (Museo del Palacio de Bellas Artes, 2014), and Gabriel Orozco: Natural Motion (Moderna Museet, 2013). Currently, she works in the book Paseo por el arte moderno, an introduction to twentieth century art for young readers (Turner).