20.JAN. - 04.MAR.2018

Post-Studio draws a selection of works from Colección Jumex by artists who studied under John Baldessari at CalArts and UCLA. The works look at a particular tension embodied in the art school itself. At one pole is the educational institution, which carries undertones of discipline and instruction. At the other is the art school as a place of freedom and experimentation. In the 1970s, in particular, this might be as much a psychedelic experience as a professional one. Caught between these two extremes are the more personal experiences and aspirations of those within the system, their dreams, meditations and sometimes their terrors. Both in imagery and subject matter, this selection is presented in dialogue with the exhibition Learning to Read with John Baldessari at Museo Jumex.

Artists: Meg Cranston, Mike Kelley, Tony Oursler, Stephen Prina, Jim Shaw, Mungo Thomson.

  • Kelley, Mike
  • Thomson, Mungo
  • Shaw, Jim
  • Prina, Stephen
  • Oursler, Tony
  • Cranston, Meg
Organized by Kit Hammonds, Curator, and Gabriel Villalobos, Curatorial Assistant, Museo Jumex.