22.JUN. - 15.OCT.2023
Gabriel Kuri: Forecast
Gabriel Kuri: Forecast is the first institutional survey in Mexico of one of the most internationally recognized national artists of his generation. Working primarily in a sculptural language, Kuri is known for his combination of robust and durable materials with everyday detritus, which add lightness and visual humor to these physical juxtapositions. Including more than 30 new and existing works, among them a major new installation, the exhibition brings to light the underlying influences on the artist’s practice. Embedded in Kuri’s works over the past 20 years are references to predictive modelling drawn from a range of fields, most significantly behavioral economics, as well as meteorology, vulcanology, product testing, and the credit system. Each of these sciences or disciplines identifies certain forces that help to analyze, create, or defer value and risk in the future. Kuri associates these significant if unseen forces of the contemporary to his artistic production by moving between signs and objects, affect and effect, psychological impulses and rational systems, that in turn relate his work to the legacy of surrealism and to formal modernism.
  • Kuri, Gabriel

Organized by Museo Jumex.
Curated by Kit Hammonds, Chief Curator, and Adriana Kuri Alamillo, Curatorial Assistant.

Gabriel Kuri, untitled giant bag ties (Brux), 2020
Photo: Courtesy of the artist.